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I had a need by several customers to routinely import .csv into a SharePoint list (BCS not an option).  Both customers wanted to have capability to clean/modify data in .csv prior to any SharePoint import.  The output in the .csv isn't always the same so they needed the ability to manage configuration(s).

So I created this SharePoint Silverlight CSV importer to parse a coma deliminated file and insert or update records in a list.
Key Features:

  • Parse large files (uses lists.asmx and batches updates since max per update is 160 items).
  • Configure mapping of csv column to sharepoint list
  • Supports csv values with commas in quoted strings.
  • Identification of keys in csv and options to delete duplicate records.
  • export and import of mapping configuration
  • optional configuration of column rules/transformations, string replace, lookup replace, external lookup replace (get lookup values from list based on .csv column filter)
  • Solution is  Silverlight .xap.  No server configuration needed or deployment of solution, just upload the .xap and reference in Silverlight viewer.
  • Error output - to manually handle what the importer cannot import.

For those who crack open the code, I know it's a little messy, I haven't refactored yet.  It does the job though.. UI isn't anything special either.

Note:  All scenarios I've used this were from .csv's that have a column header first line.

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